Thursday, July 19, 2012

Such fun!

Went down to the pool wearing my bikini. I was laying there enjoying the sun when all of the sudden this punk kid swiped my bikini top off of me and ran off. I stood there topless yelling at him to bring it back. I was jumping up and down screaming at him too! My titties kept bouncing and jiggling around. This went on for several minutes until someone handed me a towel and said I needed to cover up. Reluctantly I wrapped the towel around me and thanked the handsome well hung life guard. (You could see his package in his speedos!) He never looked me in the eye the whole time he chatted with me about getting my bikini top back. He just watched my tits. Then he asked for my number. I gave it to him of course and then went home.
When I got there the punk kid sat there on my porch with my bikini top. I handed him a $20 and he handed me my top. As he ran off he yelled at me "Nice doing business with you!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I wanna suck your cock.....

I have a fantasy for you. Its a simple one but its so hot and wet. I want you to cum for me. I want you to explode in my mouth....I want you to fuck my face.
On my knees....on my back...where would you wish me to be? Would you let me lick you from your ass to the head of your cock? Would you squirt on my face and tits or would you let me swallow your load?

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sun bathing....

So I was minding my own business sun bathing when old Mrs Pritchett started yelling about a dirty whore. I didn't think nothing of it until I was covered with a bucket of ice water!

That grumpy old bitch had come into my back yard and dumped a bucket of ice water on me. She was screaming and yelling all sorts of crazy stuff. Her poor little old husband was pulling her away apologizing for his wife the whole time. He also was checking out my body! Giggles! Cant say as I blame him. I am hot! I told him he could make it up to me some way. I was sure.
I thought his wife was gonna have a tizzy when he smiled at me!

Its not like I fuck him all that often.....just once a week when she went shopping. Giggles!

I suppose I should stop enticing her husband......Nahhhhhh
Wheres the fun in that!