Thursday, August 30, 2012

So I was paying my rent the other day when I heard this couple come into my landlords outer office. As soon as I swallowed the last of his load, I got up from my knees with a smile. Seriously...5 minutes of fun and my rents paid. Cant beat that. I asked for my rent receipt and went to leave his office. I caught a glance of the couple and winked at the guy. OMG he was so hot! He smiled at me and pointed to my chin. I wiped my chin and sure enough, I had a drop of cum on it. With a giggle I licked my finger clean. Oh I knew I would be fucking him soon! And his girlfriend was just as hot. Who knows....maybe I would get a taste of her too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Had a pedicure today. I wasnt wearing panties and so the little fellow doing my toes kept looking up my short skirt. He took for ever getting my toes done too. I suppose spreading my legs so he could get a better look didnt help matters either! Hahaha. His manager yelled at him to get moving! I just love teasing boys. Who knows I may go back and suck his dick to make up for getting him in trouble. Any one think I should?