Friday, June 29, 2012

Pussy Rich...

I needed to get my air-conditioner fixed! OMG did you see the heat reports for this week end?! 105 temps! And here I was with no A/C??! And broke as a joke. However! I have a sweet pussy and knew just how to "pay" the repair man. So I scheduled the emergency repair call and then went and got ready! You just know I had to have a short short skirt with thong panties on.....a tight tshirt with no bra. I was looking hot! I was all excited when the door bell rang! I was gonna get fucked good and get my A/C fixed.

Then I opened my door.

I was gonna cry! It was the first girl repairman I had ever seen! How was I suppose to pay her to fix my A/C???

Then I saw how she was looking at me. GIGGLES!!
I got my A/C fixed! And and a free side of pussy with my order! Yummy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Slut School?!!!

So I have been fucking my neighbor Old Man Henry. He has the biggest cock! And his wife, I guess has found out I have been fucking him! She came over and demanded that I teach her how to be a slut. So here I have this old lady wanting to learn how to please her man! It was almost too much! Giggles! So I invited my boyfriend over and taught her how to suck cock. At first she didn't want to but then I explained.....a proper slut never turns down a good cock. It took a bit of practice on her part, but my boyfriend didn't seem to mind using her as a cum dumpster.

Oh good lord you should have heard my neighbors last night! OMG you would have thought they were running a whore house. I loved hearing them going at it.

So the next day she was back with her best friend and demanding I teach her how to take cock in her ass. Jeesh! I should start a slut school! What do you think?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bus Rides

I was on the bus the other day and decided I was horny. I wasn't wearing any panties as usual so it would be easy to have a cock slip into my cunt. But I would have to have a cock! Just then the bus stopped and two black men got on the bus. They headed straight to the back seat where I was and sat down beside me! One on either side. I just smiled up at the one to my right and reached into his pants. I found his cock fast enough and began stroking him. You should have heard his friend! They started touching me and telling me what a looker I was. It was funny when one of them said that they had a little slut to take care of! They had no idea! I inched my skirt up and moved over to the cock I had been playing with. His dick slipped into my cunt easily. OMG it felt so good! I reached over to play with the other mans cock. The one I was fucking had his hands on my hips trying to fuck me with out getting the bus drivers attention. Giggles! What he didn't know is that I would be blowing the bus driver as soon as I had my cunt full of their cum! When I turned around and told him to fuck me, you could see his excitement explode as he got out of control. He didnt care if the driver saw him fucking me. He stood up with his cock in my cunt....bending me over the seat in front of us. He pounded his cock into me! OMG I was screaming out my orgasm as his load filled my pussy! I turned my head to the other guy and commanded him to fuck me now! Oh he fucked me too! He was calling me a dirty slut as his load spilled into me. Oh my, the satisfaction was all over my face.
The bus driver was watching me in his mirror. His grins said it all. He had known what I was going to do as soon as I got onto his bus. This wasn't my first ride!