Saturday, September 29, 2012

Too funny!

A middle-aged man was told at the hospital that he had only 24 hours to live. He went home in a state of shock and fell into his wife's arms. "I've been told I've only got 24 hours to live," he said. "Can we have sex one last time?" "Of course, honey," she said, and they went to bed. Four hours later, he turned to her and said: "Could we have sex again? I've only '" got 20 hours to live. It will probably be our last chance." "Sure, honey," replied his wife and they had sex. - Eight hours later, he asked her. "Do you think we could have sex one more time? -, After all, I've only got 12 hours to live." I "OK," said the wife and they had sex. Four hours later, he nudged her in bed. "I just realized I've only got eight hours to live. Could we have sex one last time?" "Very well," she sighed. "It's the least I can do in the circumstances". Four hours later, he woke her again. "I've only got fours to live. Would you mind if we had sex just one more time, our final act of love?" " This was too much for the wife. "Listen," she snapped, "you may not have to get up in the morning, but I do!"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I decided to go walking in the woods. It was a lovely fall day and it wasnt too hot. I enjoy skipping down the creek. When I came back up the hill on the trail I spotted two guys from my neighborhood and decided to have some fun! You should have seen their faces when I walked by them totally naked but for my shoes. I giggled all the way home and they followed me. Call me on Nite Flirt and I will tell you what we did then!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I decided I wanted a tour of the fire station. I guess you could say I decided that when I saw them out washing the fire truck with out their shirts on! OMG they were so fucking hot! I went in with some fresh baked cookies and asked for a tour. Three of them fought over who would show me about....and then lucky me their captain said each could of them could take a turn to show me around! One showed me in the showers, one showed me in the cab of the fire truck, and the other showed me all over! Mmmmmm ......then to have all three of them nice men showing me all at once! Talk about a 3 alarm fire!