Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Man Fuck.

So you know I have this neighbor who watches me masturbate, fuck, or what ever I am doing when I am out on my porch. Well I decided I was horny and he had a cock right? So why shouldn't I use it? I am so glad I did too! His cock is massive!

So I went over to his house when I saw his wife leave. He opened the door and leered at me! I never knew what that term meant till I saw him look at me like that! I giggled and asked him if he was as horny and then I lifted up my short skirt to show him my naked little pussy. His eyes popped open and he reached out and grabbed my arm then pulled me in his house! He had me standing there naked faster then I have ever been stripped. He dropped his pants and told me to get to work! When I looked down I saw the fattest cock I have ever seen. My heart skipped a beat. I hoped he knew how to use that monster! I dropped to my knees and started working his meat with all my slutty heart. And did it ever grow! I couldn't get that cock into my mouth he was so thick!
When he was fully hard, he was 3 inches round and 8 inches of wonderful hard meat!
He told me to stand up and bend over slut. I did and his cock slammed hard into my cunt! OMG it actually stretched me he was so thick! He didnt waste any time either. He fucked me hard, telling me what a dirty little whore I was. When he came, he shot a hot load into my cunt so hard I could feel hot spurt after hot spurt! I came while he was shoving more of his load into me. It was wonderful. Just wonderful.
He told me to come back anytime I was feeling horny. He would take care of me! He also said he loved the shows I put on for him on my back porch. I was so pleased! I love entertaining mens matter their age!
I love have a dirty old man next door!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its Official!

I have my listing on Nite Flirt and I am so excited! I am running a special too, just so I can get my name out there. I sure hope I hear from you soon!
May you get creamie,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cant wait to hear from you!

As you know I love fucking in public. The possibilties of being caught are endless....and often, very pleasurable! Depending of course on who catches you.* Giggling* What I am hoping for most is that when I go on line at Nite Flirt (VERY SOON) that all my callers tell me their nasty dirty naughty fantasies so I can go out and try them on for pleasure!

See my boyfriend had a fantasy one time. He wanted me to sneak into the mens room with him and suck his cock till he spurted those lovely juices all over of course I did....but I made sure we were caught! Before I snuck in the bathroom, I saw this huge dude and wiggled my little finger at him. You just know he had to follow me into the mens room. When he walked in while I was sucking my boyfriend, my boyfriend paniced a bit, but I just smiled and lifted my skirt up for the nice man to see my naked twat and started sucking my boyfriends dick. That dude had a huge cock and he fucked me hard while I slurped up and down on my boyfriend. My boyfriend didn’t say a word the whole time, but when he came it was the biggest load I had ever seen him shoot! The big dude really pounded my cunt like a jackhammer then. I came so hard that day!

So thats what I want to do again and again. I love fucking in public and want to hear all about your fantasies! Call me on Night Flirt and tell me your fantasy and we will enjoy the pleasures. Maybe I’ll go and live it out for you. If its really good I ll even share it on my blog giving you credit due for my pleasure!

Looking forward to publically enjoying you!

Cum make me ,
Creamie Candie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creamie Candie

Hi! I am Candie.

Wouldn’t you like to cum and fuck me while everyone else watches! Let’s put on a show for everyone! Or do you wanna get caught by someone? I love being caught with a hard cock slipping into my tight creamy puss.

The first time I had sex in public I was on the bus! I sucked his cock until his hot sticky load sprayed all over the seats and me! He was the oldest man I’d ever been with!

Well, that was until old Mr. Reynolds caught me masturbating at my desk. He made me stay after class of course. He said I needed to be punished for being so naughty! The way he looked at me when he said that almost made me cream my little panties then and there!

After class, when he was sure we were alone, he forced his big hard cock deep into my virgin ass! I was so embarrassed about how excited it made me! When he finished ” punishing” me, I was so excited I begged him to do it again. That’s when he forced me down on my knees and made me wrap my lips around his still huge and throbbing cock.

As I was going to town on Mr. Reynold’s big dick, I glanced toward the door and noticed Wallace, the weird janitor staring in through the window and playing with himself. I smiled and sucked that cock even harder. My addiction of being a exhibitionist was born from that moment on!

I love being watched and getting caught and punished! I also developed somewhat of a taste for staying after school, and helping the janitors “make their rounds” as they liked to call it.

OMG I am such a cum slut. Don’t you want to make me your Creamy Teen Candie slut?

Creamie Dreams