Saturday, October 6, 2012

Too Funny

Things you prolly shouldnt say to a man during sex..... "And yet your feet are so big!" "Don't worry, we'll work around it." "I guess this makes me the early bird." "Try not to smear my make-up." "At least this won't take long." "I want a baby." "Do you know the ceiling needs painting?" "Maybe we should call Dr Ruth." "Is that blood on the headboard?" "Did I remember to take my pill?" "It's just a rash." "Sorry about the name tags, but I'm not very good with names." "Does it come with an air pump?" "But it still works, right?" "Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes?" "But everybody looks funny naked." "Do you smell something burning?" "On second thoughts, let's turn off the lights." "You must be cold." "Don't mind me. I always file my nails in bed," "Maybe if we water it, it'll grow." "Maybe it looks better in natural light," "Maybe you're just out of practice." "When is this supposed to feel good?" "It's a good thing you're rich."

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